My journey to Smalltalk

Sat 15 March 2008

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Ever since I started my professional career as a software developer back in 2002, nearly all of my development was done using C sharp and .NET framework with a bit of Java here and there. However while studying software engineering at University of Sydney 90% of my work was done on unix machines, I was taught object oriented programming in my first year, and thankfully we didn’t get introduced to OO by learning C++ or Java but a language called Blue (it was first developed by the Basser Computer Science department at the University of Sydney to teach students OO concepts) . Blue was not just a programming language but was a programming environment, which allowed interactive manipulation of classes and their relationship to each other graphically or textually. This allowed me to visualize a group of instantiated objects whose state was encapsulated and only way the objects performed anything was by collaborating with each other sending messages to each other to perform a task. read more ...